Quan Funds

Below are Quan portfolio companies as of January 2019.


ActLight (private) designs dynamic photo-diode (DPD) light sensors for wearables (heart monitoring), 3D time-of-flight image sensors (next-gen smart phones), and LIDAR (autonomous driving) applications. ActLight's DPDs are disrupting the bulkier, less-efficient, power-hungry avalanche photo-diodes that exist today. https://act-light.com/


AMS (AMS.SW) makes high-performance, integrated sensor solutions for consumer & communications (69% of revenues) and automotive, industrial & medical (31%) markets. AMS is a leading supplier of integrated 3D image sensors for next-generation smart phones. AMS' multi-sensor (optical, imaging, audio & environmental) solutions are a key enabler of other high-growth markets such as autonomous driving, AR/VR, Industrial IoT, and smart homes & buildings. https://ams.com/


Attunity’s (ATTU) software provides automated data replication, file transfers, and cloud data delivery of large amounts of all types of data across any network or cloud/data center environment. Attunity enables the real-time transfer of Big Data, removing a large bottleneck for businesses and governments. Attunity’s commercial partners include Amazon Web Services, Teradata, Microsoft, EMC, Oracle, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cloudera and Hortonworks. http://www.attunity.com/


II-VI (IIVI) manufactures advanced optical components and materials, enabling industrial and consumer products worldwide ranging from semiconductors to mobile phones. II-VI has acquired optical component supplier, Finisar. II-VI and Finisar supply key optical components for the emerging 3D image sensor market, which can have a substantial impact on the top and bottom line in a few years. http://www.ii-vi.com/


Insightness (private) makes event-based visual positioning modules that process pixels like the human brain. The company's Silicon Eye vision sensors and proprietary processing algorithms are extremely efficient and robust, leading to exponentially faster image processing/lower power consumption, while providing 3D spatial awareness of where you are. http://www.insightness.com/


Mellanox (MLNX) provides InfiniBand and Ethernet switches and adapters, as well as interconnect solutions. Mellanox's fast interconnects run at speeds as high as 100 gigabits per second, serving markets such as high performance computing, enterprise data centers, among others. Mellanox is currently the interconnect market leader. http://www.mellanox.com/


Sequans Communications (SQNS) designs LTE chip solutions for mobile carriers. Sequans leading chip designs are based on several generations of chips dating back to the WiMax market, and offer competitive advantages in terms of form factor, low-power, fidelity, etc. Sequans is focusing on LTE data-only devices including the ultra-low power machine-to-machine sensor market, as opposed to the LTE high-end mobile phone market currently dominated by Qualcomm. http://www.sequans.com/


Weborama (ALWEB.PA) is an advertising platform using lexicology and other unique tools to transform raw data into marketing value. The company combines this data intelligence with its European database of 500 million marketing profiles, to create solutions for hundreds of advertising customers, agencies and publishers. http://www.weborama.com/

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Wirecard (WDI.DE) provides online, offline and mobile payment processing for merchants and consumers. Wirecard's strong technological capabilities, cross-border transaction expertise, global footprint and bank status makes it one of the leading online payment solutions in the market. https://www.wirecard.com/