Quan Funds

Investor Bill of Rights

  • Manager and Investors both invest in the fund
  • Capped fees and fund size to optimize performance and protect investors
  • Total commitment to our Investors’ success, as demonstrated in past Quan funds


Terms Overview

  • Open-end Fund with quarterly NAV
  • Quarterly Subscriptions and Redemptions
  • Minimum Investment: $250k
  • Currency: US$
  • Net Management Fee: 1.5% annually, TER cap: 4%, current TER: 1.7%
  • Performance Fee: 20% of profits with high-water mark
  • Quan Technology Fund-size ceiling: $200M



Quan Funds is a master-feeder structure with the following advantages:

  • Low-cost which is passed onto investors
  • Fund Family platform to easily add future funds
  • Efficiency – only one trading platform per master fund even with multiple feeders
  • Multi-Domicile: Cayman Islands (non-US investors) and Delaware (US investors)


QTF Structure


Operational Support

  • Manager - Quan Management LLC (USA)
  • Custody – Bank of Ireland (Ireland), Interactive Brokers (USA)
  • Fund Administrator – Sudrania Fund Services (USA)
  • Auditor – PricewaterhouseCoopers (International)
  • Legal – Goldman, Gruder & Woods, LLC (USA)